“To have people say you are an inspiration to them is wonderful.  What’s surprising is that friends are saying I inspire them to be healthier.  This is something that just two years ago, I could not have anticipated before weight loss surgery.

My weight has been an issue for what feels like forever, at least since elementary school.  I’ve tried multiple diets.  As a wife, mother of three boys, and avid horseback rider, living my daily life was becoming more difficult as my weight increased.  In 2010, I spoke to my Primary Care Physician about my concerns with my weight.  I was pleased to learn that I was eligible for bariatric surgery and that my insurance provided coverage.  I met with Dr. Yadegar for my first consultation and found him to be caring and personable.  This is exactly what I look for in a surgeon.  He is an expert in his field and genuinely cares for his patients.

After considering the surgical options, I chose the Sleeve Gastrectomy and had the surgery in March, 2011.

Palmdale Regional Medical Center was awesome, a new facility with friendly staff and a clean environment.  Dr. Yadegar and his team took good care of me.  Pain was not an issue for me after surgery and I began walking the first day.  In fact, the nurses were surprised with how active I was and how great I felt!  Just two weeks after surgery, I was horseback riding again.

My life is full. And now that I can keep up with everything & everyone, I’m energized again!  My kids tell me I’m skinny.  I never thought I would hear that from anyone! We can go to amusement parks as a family again and I don’t have to worry that I won’t fit on a ride.  I love shopping and wearing clothes I would have never considered before surgery.  My husband and family are happy for me.

I would absolutely recommend weight loss surgery for anyone who has tried multiple diets and continues to struggle with their weight.  Having weight loss surgery is the best choice I have ever made.”