“It’s just an average Saturday as I prepare for another Century Ride. One Hundred Miles with friends and fellow cycling enthusiasts.  It’s been six years now since I embraced an active lifestyle, and six years since I had Weight Loss Surgery.  Here’s my weight loss surgery story.

I’ve lived in Lancaster, CA for 29 years.  My husband Tim and I have a wonderful family, with our daughter Becca, our son Ray and his wife Shannen, and our four Grandbugs Ray, Zophia, McKenna, and Paxton.

The struggle with weight has been my constant companion, although in high school and college I was able to keep it at bay through volleyball, swimming and basketball.  But after the birth of my first child I could never maintain any long-term weight loss even though I tried multiple diets; Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Cabbage Diet, Grapefruit Diet, and counting every single calorie and fat gram.  My life didn’t consist of much more than work and home.  I was embarrassed to go to anyone’s home, I couldn’t fit in seats at restaurants or in airplanes, I was humiliated. I longed to play with my grandson and have the energy I had in college. As the stress to my joints increased over the years, the pain became something I could no longer ignore.

laramie triathlonI started to research Weight Loss Surgery about a year before I had it myself, learning more from friends who had great success with it.  I talked with my doctor about it and he was supportive, but wanted to make sure I had exhausted all other options.  So he recommended I give Weight Watchers another try for at least six months  I did the six months and once more did not maintain the small weight loss  He referred me to Dr. Yadegar.

From the moment I met Dr. Yadegar I felt at ease.  He didn’t judge me like other healthcare professionals had.  He was caring, compassionate, and gentle.  He took a lot of time with me and after my first appointment I knew because of his experience and knowledge, he was the surgeon for me.

I had Gastric Bypass surgery in November, 2006.  I was walking just hours after surgery as my pain was minimal. I was fatigued for several weeks after surgery, but taking good care of myself with naps and paying attention to my water and protein really helped.  I returned to normal activities about two weeks after surgery.  It didn’t take long before I noticed the improvement in my joint pain and now it is completely gone.


As soon as Dr. Yadegar gave me the okay, I jumped into the pool and returned to my first love, swimming. I’ve been swimming competitively again for five years now and it is my happy place.  In addition to swimming and cycling, I began to run about a year ago.  I began with 5Ks, then 10Ks, then Half-Marathons  In March, 2012 I finished my first MARATHON! I’ve decided to combine my love for all three sports and am training for several Triathlons including a Half-Iron Man!  I’m also in the process of qualifying for Nationals in Breaststroke and Freestyle swimming.

I’ve had so many supportive friends during my weight loss surgery journey; Suzy, Laura and so many more.  And although I’ve received comments from acquaintances like you should have done it the right way I guess implying that weight loss surgery is wrong, I remain steadfast in my commitment to long-term weight control and promoting the benefits of bariatric surgery.

I run the Emergency Room at a men’s prison, which requires me to be on my feet and moving constantly.  I can now run circles around my younger coworkers and still have enough energy to train for two hours after I get home.

I would absolutely recommend weight loss surgery to anyone who has struggled, tried multiple diets, and has stopped living a fulfilling life.  Before my weight loss, I was withdrawn.  Now I’m funny, outgoing, and enjoying competition with my new confidence.  Weight Loss Surgery works!”laramie with hat smiling