Julie shares her weight loss surgery story.

“The average television sitcom runs about 30 minutes, and so do I. What I mean is that I run a 5K in about the same time as it takes to watch a television comedy.  Two years ago, the thought of running a 5K, seemed almost impossible.

Julie at her CrossFit workout!

Obesity has always been part of my life.  I was born big.  And with it came asthma, joint pain and debilitating migraines.  I started dieting when I was 13, and tried everything including Weight Watchers, South Beach, Phen-Fen, diet pills and multiple visits with a Nutritionist.  Each diet worked for a little while, and I would lose some weight, but it never lasted.

I have a wonderful husband, Brian, and two beautiful daughters, Mary and Sarah.  They are the loves of my life but my increasing weight, exhaustion, and swollen ankles made it difficult to play sports or participate in family outings.  They say pictures don’t lie and when I saw a photo of myself, I couldn’t avoid the truth any longer.

In the summer of 2010, while I was considering which diet to try next, I learned that my dear friend decided to have weight loss surgery.  She told me about her extensive research on the procedures, and why she had decided to do it.  Everything went great with her surgery and resulting weight loss, so much so that I decided to talk with my doctor about weight loss surgery.  Although he wanted me to consider trying Weight Watchers again, he listened to me recount the numerous diets I had already tried, and decided to refer me to Dr. John Yadegar.  I met with Dr. Yadegar in October, 2010.  I immediately felt his compassion.  He carefully listened to my concerns and took time answering all of my questions.  I had the Sleeve Gastrectomy in January, 2011.  Although the first night after surgery was very difficult, I felt better each day during my two-week recovery.

My life has improved in countless ways since surgery.  My joint pain is minimal, the migraines are very infrequent and the effects of my asthma have eased significantly.  I have TONS of energy now for my beautiful family and myself. It’s important for me to focus on my health, especially at social events.  When I’m at a party and everyone is eating, I remind myself that my body is a machine and needs healthy food to run well.  This fact is strikingly critical as my preferred workout is CrossFit, and my CrossFit gym of choice is CrossFit Survival  I started their strength and conditioning program about five months after surgery when I learned about it from my friend, Alyson.  I’ve grown to love the CrossFit community and the effects the workouts have had on my body.  In July, 2012, I even earned a coveted position on the CrossFit Survival race team.

Weight loss surgery isn’t easy.  It takes a daily commitment to eating healthy and working out.  But my life is worth it, and THIS is living.”