In March, 2012, I celebrated my One Year Weight Loss Surgery Anniversary! I’m healthier than I’ve ever been and I feel amazing! I still focus on a very high protein diet and I limit my intake of carbohydrates. My 1000-1200 calorie diet is split into small meals throughout the day. I do my best to still follow Dr. Yadegar’s instructions. I still run into people who don’t recognize me, it’s funny sometimes. I like that I’m more approachable now, I have more confidence in every aspect of my life!”

Gina’s Original Success Story

“I live in Palmdale with my wonderful & supportive husband, Reynaldo, and our sons Christian (10) and Emmanuel (9). Until I had surgery, I tried so many diets I lost count. When I was 19 I tried Phen-fen and lost 50 pounds. I regained the weight and more, after my two pregnancies. I tried Weight Watchers, at the recommendation of Primary Care Physician, but had no long-term success. Atkins & Low-calorie diets didn’t offer any long-term weight control either. Our family loves Theme Parks, and we couldn’t enjoy them as a family because I didn’t fit on the rides. My sons couldn’t understand why I would avoid all the rides they loved. That made me sad. Then, my back started giving me problems and I couldn’t sleep through the night. I was uncomfortable and unhappy.

I heard about weight loss surgery years ago when it became more mainstream, and there were TV commercials. Then, my good friend Velia had weight loss surgery three years ago and she inspired me to go for it. I asked my Primary Care Physician at Kaiser if weight loss surgery was an option for me, and he referred me to the Metabolic Program. After a complete evaluation, the medical director recommended I speak with Dr. Yadegar.

Dr. Yadegar made me feel like he truly understood me, what I had been through and what I was feeling. He has so much experience in this field, I trusted he was the right surgeon for me. After talking with my husband and my mom, Elena, who has been so very supportive, I decided to have the Sleeve Gastrectomy. It fit my lifestyle and was the right choice for me.

I loved my experience at Palmdale Regional Medical Center & the staff was amazing. The day of surgery, as I was wheeled into the operating room, I was emotional. I had so many feelings of hope & excitement for my healthy future, and sadness for my unhealthy past. Tears started to flow and Dr. Yadegar saw them immediately. He took my hand and held it, and gently told me everything would be okay. The surgery went well and I was up and walking in no time. I won’t say I was without some pain, but I stopped using morphine the day after surgery and quickly understood how increasing my walking made me feel better. The drain bothered me a little, and I was really happy when Dr. Yadegar took it out. I felt so much better! I returned to my job as a Starwood Hotel Reservation Specialist about three weeks after surgery and I felt great!

How has my life changed so far? People don’t recognize me, they do a double take to see if it’s really me! I’m running now, without my chest hurting or experiencing shortness of breath. My boys are thrilled, because now I can ride with them at their favorite Theme Parks! My husband and my mom continue to be truly supportive and I love them for it. The journey to weight loss surgery was not easy. I attended weekly classes at Kaiser and kept a daily food journal. I had to undergo pre-op tests and consultations. And, then there was the pre-op weight loss. None of this was easy, but if I had the choice to do it all over again, I absolutely would! This is a new start on life. Five months after surgery, I am down 95 pounds. Thirty-one pounds came off during my pre-op diet, and sixty-four pounds since surgery. This is a life-changing experience, and I am cherishing every beautiful moment!”