Getting Ready for Weight Loss Surgery

As the surgery date approaches, it is important for patients to spend time getting ready for weight loss surgery.

  • 4-6 weeks before surgery, the patient attends Pre-Op Education Class with Dr. Yadegar and his team  Each patient is encouraged to bring their support person to this 2-3 hour class.  In these videos, Dr. Yadegar and his team answers the most frequently asked questions about getting ready for surgery.


  • Patients can also watch Dr. Yadegar’s Pre-Op class by clicking here.
  • A key component of Weight Loss Surgery is Lifestyle management.  Patients are STRONGLY encouraged to watch the video “Are You Ready to Commit to Weight Loss Surgery?”

  • 2-3 weeks before surgery, the patient meets with Dr. Yadegar for their Pre-Op Visit.  At this appointment, all final results are reviewed, and the patient is cleared for surgery.  Dr. Yadegar provides instructions on medications, day-before preparations,  and hospital arrival time.
  • Christina Phillips, R.N., is the Bariatric Surgery Program Coordinator at Palmdale Regional Medical Center. She provides education to patients before and after surgery. While still in the hospital, before discharge, Christina escorts each patient to her office to review guidelines for the first few weeks after surgery, and to answer any questions the patient has. At any time after surgery, if a patient needs individual counseling or help to get ‘Back on Track’, the patient can contact Christina to arrange a visit, at 661.723.7833
  • During the month before surgery, it is recommended that patients purchase their vitamins, protein supplements, and required food needed for post-op recovery:
    Bariatric Advantage
    Celebrate Vitamins
    Bariatric Fusion Vitamins
    Click here for additional vendors:  Vitamins, Supplements, Protein
  • Patients are encouraged to ask a supportive friend or family member to stay with them at least the first night in the hospital.  Palmdale Regional Medical Center provides a recliner-bed for visitors.

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