The Pre-Op Journey

Before the first consultation, patients are encouraged to attend an in-person information session with Dr. Yadegar and his team, or view an on-line presentation before they meet with him.

New Patient Education, Part 1

New Patient Education, Part 2

During the consultation, Dr. Yadegar spends an extensive amount of time with the patient providing a thorough review of their medical history, comprehensive assessment of their current issues, and an education of the weight loss surgery procedures. Dr. Yadegar then discusses which procedure(s) fits the patient medically. He emphasizes that not all procedures match each patient. It depends upon their medical issues, their weight and risk factors. At the end of the consultation, the patient is given a customized pre-op plan to prepare for surgery, which includes: tests and consultations, weight loss goals, nutrition guidelines, and education. Patients are strongly encouraged to bring a supportive family member or friend to each visit with Dr. Yadegar.

It is important that each patient be mentally prepared for the changes that weight loss surgery brings. “Are You Ready to Commit to Weight Loss Surgery?” is a 10-minute video that addresses many of the issues, including:

  • the role & expectations of the spouse or significant other
  • how will the patient handle stress or anxiety when food can no longer be used

Each patient has a designated case manager who directs the pre-op journey. Case managers communicate with their patients regularly as tests and specialty consultations are completed. Additionally, patients keep their case managers updated with their pre-op weight loss. If patients have a question, they always know exactly who to call.

Patients are strongly encouraged to attend Dr. Yadegar’s Support Group in person or view his on-line support videos.

At the Pre-Op Class, Dr. Yadegar and members of his team explain in great detail, the entire surgical process including pre-op nutrition, expectations in the hospital, when to resume exercise, diet progression, and vitamin supplementation.

Pre-Op Education, Part 1

Pre-Op Education, Part 2

Pre-Op Education, Part 3

After surgery, Dr. Yadegar continues to give individualized care at each follow-up visit based on his assessment of the patient’s particular needs. His role as a bariatric educator remains constant and continues over the lifetime of his relationship with each patient.