Journey for Life


Many patients say the real work begins after surgery. Although there are multiple tests, consultations, and classes before surgery, the ‘real work’ comes in the form of a daily commitment to managing one’s health through nutritious eating, exercise, supplementation and lifestyle.

Dr. Yadegar says…

“I think a balanced approach to life across the board whether it is eating or developing healthy habits, it is always the right approach. There are parts of the weight loss cycle that are extremely demanding. The thing that I definitely emphasize is recognize that going into any of these weight loss surgery procedures…be ready for the roller-coaster because life will throw challenges at you. But the final thing is to recognize that you’ve got to be determined and you’ve got to stick to your plan. This really is a lifestyle change.”

“When you do the right things and make the right moves, you will succeed. Success may not be that 80 percent, maybe a little less, maybe a little more, but you will succeed. And if you’re not getting there, there are often obvious reasons for it. Dietitians report that patients often underestimate their food intake. They think they’ve had only so much of something but when they read the fine print on the label they realize they’ve had two servings instead of one. If you are not making progress, go back & reboot. Take a look at everything you learned, make a plan, and you will make progress again. At the end of the day you have to stick with the principles: eat healthy, exercise, take your supplements, and stay committed. When you do these things, 99% of patients will do very well. Stay with it. Use the support of people around you to help you, go to group meetings, follow-up with your primary physician. If you’re stuck, don’t avoid coming to see me because you’re feeling embarrassed. I feel very connected to my patients. Come in to see me and we will work it out.”