Post Op Nutrition, Weeks 5-6

Transitioning from Pureed Foods to Moist Solid Foods

Add one new food at a time during these early weeks of post op nutrition.
If one new food disagrees with you, try it again another time
No red meat for 3 months
No salads or raw vegetables until week 7
Drink 64 fluid ounces per day – water & calorie-free, non-carbonated beverages
Maintain 80-100 protein grams per day, continue to drink 12-14 ounces of protein drink each day

Each meal is between 4-8 Tbsp or 2-4 ounces

Omelet with low-fat cheese or cottage cheese & soft, cooked vegetables, pear
Cream of wheat with 1/2 scoop protein powder, skim milk, peach
Low-fat, greek yogurt with applesauce

Egg whites, Canadian bacon (2 rounds), peach
Minestrone soup, hummus, pear
Tuna salad, soft cooked vegetables, applesauce

Moist herb roasted chicken, green beans, sugar-free pudding
Moist chicken fajitas, strawberries with fat-free whipped topping
Moist Tilapia, vegetable soup, sugar-free gelatin

Sugar-free pudding
Sugar-free gelatin
Greek yogurt with sugar-free flavoring (extract, Crystal Light, Mio)