Post Op Nutrition, Weeks 3-4

Start pureed foods…

Unsweetened pureed fruits
Cooked, non-fibrous, pureed vegetables
Tofu, Beans – pureed

Start soft, moist proteins…
Low-fat cottage cheese
Scrambled or poached eggs
Steamed or poached fish, shrimp

And keep eating…
Low-fat, sugar-free yogurt
Sugar-free popsicles, gelatin
Sugar-free, low-fat pudding

Remember these steps in post op nutrition…

Eat very slowly and chew your food well
Your protein shakes should still be providing 40-60 of your 80-100 protein grams per day
No liquids 15 minutes before, and 30 minutes afterwards
Take 20-30 minutes to eat each meal
ADD ONLY ONE NEW FOOD AT A TIME, don’t try 2 new foods in one day!

Menu Ideas!

BREAKFAST: approximately 1-3 ounces per meal
Scrambled egg & pureed fruit
Sugar-free, fat-free yogurt
Cream of Wheat with Vanilla Protein Powder
3 egg egg whites, 1 Tbsp applesauce, 1/8 avocado (sliver)

Protein shake, 4-6 ounces

LUNCH: approximately 1-3 ounces per meal
Fat-free, Cream of Tomato soup with unflavored protein powder & pureed fruit
Pureed Minestrone soup & Low-fat, sugar-free yogurt
Pureed chicken or turkey salad with low-fat mayo, pureed squash, mashed beans

Protein shake, 4-6 ounces

DINNER:  approximately 1-3 ounces per meal
Steamed Tilapia & pureed sweet potatoes
Fat-free, pureed cream of broccoli soup, cottage cheese, & pureed fruit
Ground chicken or turkey & pureed carrots
Baked salmon & pureed green beans

Protein shake, 4-6 ounces
Or 4 ounces protein shake & 2 Tbsp sugar-free pudding or a popsicle