Post Op Nutrition, Weeks 1-2

The first two weeks can feel overwhelming, but simply take it day by day, even hour by hour and you will get through it.  Post op nutrition is important.  So prepare, track, and take your time.


4-6 ounces of fluid per hour
Work toward 80-100 protein grams per day
Drink at least one liter of water per day

What to Eat:

Protein shakes
Fat-free milk
Calorie-free, non-carbonated beverages like Crystal Light
Low-fat strained soup
Sugar-free popsicles
Sugar-free pudding
Sugar-free, Low-fat yogurt
Sugar-free gelatin
Soft cereal, like Cream of What, but only as a conduit for protein powder


Sip liquids slowly, no straws
Avoid solid food – if you start to soon it can slow healing and/or cause food to get stuck
Avoid carbonation
Avoid alcohol

Example for one day:

8 am:  2-6 tablespoons/1-3 ounces protein shake
10 am:  1-3 ounces broth with 1/2 scoop unflavored protein powder
12 pm:  1-3 ounces protein shake
2 pm:  1-3 ounces broth with 1/2 scoop unflavored protein powder
4 pm:  Sugar-free popsicle
6 pm:  1-3 ounces protein shake
8 pm:  2-6 tablespoons/1-3 ounces plain greek yogurt with sugar-free flavoring