Patients don’t need to give up their favorite foods after weight loss surgery. At a recent support group meeting, patients shared their favorite pizza recipes.  Healthier versions replace the traditional crust with cauliflower or chicken breast.  Try one of these new recipes tonight!

Cauliflower Pizza Crusts

“Get ready to use cauliflower like you’ve never seen it before! With this inventive pizza recipe, grated cauliflower is used as the foundation for the dough, avoiding the carb-overload that comes along with traditional pizza.”

“Topped with decadent, fresh toppings and using the same crust you’ve grown to love over the years, I made this crust with fresh, processed cauliflower.”

“I have been wanting to try making a pizza with a cauliflower crust ever since I came across the idea on Recipe Girl.  I mean what’s not to like about a cauliflower crust for a pizza?”

Chicken Breast Pizza Crusts

“This crust is as easy as it comes. Based on just two ingredients, you can combine the healthy aspects of cooked meat with cheese for a truly remarkable crust that’s easy to prepare, totally able to be picked up, and has the perfect “chew” and flavor profile.”

“A low carb gluten free pizza made with a chicken breast crust. Top it with gluten free marina sauce, a few slices of gluten free sausage, sauteed vegetables, and you’re good to go!”

“OK, I’ve made this 3 times and everybody digs it!”