For many patients, life before weight loss surgery didn’t include a healthy eating plan. A major key to success after weight loss surgery is meal planning and grocery shopping. Taking the time every week to sit down and plan your meals and snacks, can make a big impact on your success with long-term weight management.

Sarah Muntel, RD says, “Every great shopping trip begins with a plan before you walk in the door. It is very difficult to have a successful trip without knowing what you need. Scan your cabinets and cupboards and make a list. Decide what necessities you may need, as well as items for your latest recipe. You can build on your list all week so you won’t forget. Add a dry erase board to your kitchen or keep an open shopping list on your smart phone, and add items you need as you remember so you won’t find yourself making multiple shopping trips each week.”

Planning ahead is key!

If you’re looking for step by step help with meal planning and creating an effective grocery list, our bariatric surgery nurse coordinator, Liz Roark, RN lays it all out for you in this video!

And for more help from registered dietitian, Sarah Muntel, read her complete article, “Shopping – Where Do I Begin?”