In this weight loss surgery article, authors Jean Marie Rafferty, LCSW, and Daria Dodds, CSW, ask weight loss surgery patients to clearly evaluate their prior relationship with food and set their sights on the relationship they’d like to have with food.

food relationship

“Ask yourself the following questions

  • How did you end up with the relationship you have with food?
  • How do you use food?
  • Did your parents, grandparents or someone in your life give you food to comfort you, like when you scraped your knee and came home crying?
  • Was food given in a very measured way?
  • Were you in competition to get the food because you came from a large family?
  • Were you rewarded with food like the lollipop after the doctor appointment?
  • Were you punished and/or deprived of food when you refused to eat the meal served?
  • Were your household dynamics so chaotic that you coped by eating food?
  • Did you begin to hoard or secretly eat in your room?
  • Was there a trauma that caused you to find safety and security with food?”

Jean and Daria provide suggestions on how patients can create the relationship with food they really want.

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