1. You’re worthy of the time it takes to give yourself the healthiest life possible.
2. You don’t give up protein shakes just because you’ve transitioned to solid foods. You will always need them. Find a few you love and stick with them!
3. It’s takes time for friends and family to adjust to the evolving you, the slimmer you. Be understanding.
4. If you want to change the perception of weight loss surgery being for quitters, or that it’s the easy way out, or that it is extremely dangerous – you can talk to people who ask about your weight loss surgery and educate your community.
5. Over time, if you stop tracking your food intake, if you start guessing how much you’re eating, you will gain weight.
6. You’re not losing weight! You’re getting rid of it and you have no intention of finding it again!
7. Weight loss surgery is a tool, your tool. You need to make it work for you. You’re in control of your success.
8. Your weight didn’t increase 100 pounds overnight. You won’t lose 100 pounds overnight either. But Weight loss surgery is the closest things you’ll get to it! Be patient and persistent. You can do this!
9. You were told BEFORE surgery that vitamin and supplements for life were mandatory.  If you stop or cut back, your body will know it but you may not – until the deficiencies are very serious. Take your vitamins!!!!!!!!!!
10. If you’re struggling with a plateau, regain, snacking, lack of protein, no vitamins, short-cutting exercise or anything else – don’t wait until it’s out of control. Dr. Yadegar and his team understand. There are plenty of patients who have gone before you. They know how to help you. Reach out today.