Planning snacks instead of mindless grazing

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin Successful meal planning for many patients, includes planning healthy snacks. “Although there are no set rules, for many, having a snack or two can help manage hunger levels and maintain blood sugar levels. Snacks can definitely be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, […]

Cooking for your family after weight loss surgery.

If you’re finding it a challenge to get your family on board with your new healthy eating habits, you’re not alone. Very often a patient’s family tells them they’re very supportive of their decision to have bariatric surgery, but they’re not always aware of the effect it will have on their own eating habits. For […]

Weight loss surgery meal planning and grocery shopping.

For many patients, life before weight loss surgery didn’t include a healthy eating plan. A major key to success after weight loss surgery is meal planning and grocery shopping. Taking the time every week to sit down and plan your meals and snacks, can make a big impact on your success with long-term weight management. […]

Meal planning, shopping and portion control for weight loss surgery.

I ran into a patient and asked her how she was doing, and she said, “I’ve gone to the dark side.” So that sparked my brain and we have, “I’ve gone to the Dark Side I must get back!” I’m sure there are some here who’ve struggled or are struggling, and I’ve been talking to […]

You can enjoy the holidays after weight loss surgery.

At a support group meeting, Liz and Dr. John Yadegar’s patients discussed how you can enjoy the holidays after weight loss surgery. “The holidays, as great as they are, always focus around food.  For me, being all these years out, I can eat more than I used to and it can be scary.  Once you […]

Staying Motivated After Weight Loss Surgery

Whether you will have surgery next month, had surgery 3 years ago, or you have just completed your first pre-op test, you made the decision to have weight loss surgery. Oftentimes, people believe the decision is just about having the surgery. However, the journey after weight loss surgery lasts much longer than the surgical process. […]

Support Group with Liz Roark, RN – September, 2016

Join Liz Roark, RN and your fellow patients to discuss DUMPING (even with the sleeve), increased fertility after surgery, how patients regain weight, mindful eating, choosing the right procedure, cooking with “Blue Apron” and innovative ways to stay hydrated.

Dr. Yadegar joins Liz for support group!

You know it’s going to be an educational AND fun time when Dr. Yadegar joins Liz at the support group meeting! Topics from last month’s meeting include regain at four years, meal prep, showing up and asking for help when you’re struggling, and celebrating non-scale victories. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!

July Support Group with Liz Roark, RN

Take a seat and listen in while Liz Roark, RN and your fellow patients talk about plastic surgery, taking time to develop good habits, silencing the “big” voice, planning ahead for meals and exercise, what role the scale should play in your life, and how Liz really feels about burpees!

June Support Group with Liz Roark, RN

We had an awesome meeting with Liz Roark, RN and your fellow patients – discussing cross-addiction, what can happen when you eyeball your portions, how to take a self-inventory if you’ve regained, what to do if you’re eating in the middle of the night…and more. This was a great meeting!