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More energy and more ‘moves’ after bariatric surgery!

Sometimes athletes-in-training wear weighted vests to improve their performance.  When one removes the 20-pound vest, a runner can go farther and faster without the additional weight.  And so it goes when an obese person remove 25 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds, or 150 pounds from their frame.  Energy and mobility after bariatric surgery increase steadily […]

The goal is progress, not perfection.

Personal trainer, Steve Medina, joined Dr. Yadegar, Liz Roark, RN and your fellow patients for an inspiring support group meeting this year. Click here to watch the video. Here are some highlights!  Steve: “So many people think you need to have the perfect diet or the perfect BMI. Throw that out guys. Focus on your […]

WHY we do what we do is really powerful.

We are very grateful to personal trainer and wellness coach, Steve Medina, for generously sharing his time and wisdom with us at support group earlier this year. In this snippet, Steve discusses the importance of WHY. “…Once again it’s about quality of life, not just the physical (appearance). I have a client whose focus is her […]

Tips for Weight Loss Surgery Success

We’re happy to share more words of wisdom from Steve Medina’s visit with us at support group earlier this year. Joining him here is our encouraging nurse, Liz Roark, RN.  Steve: I want to give you three tips to keep this (weight loss surgery) journey successful. The first one is commitment, which is staying dedicated […]

Fitting in the seat after weight loss surgery.

“WILL I FIT IN THE SEAT?” Unlikely there’s a weight loss surgery patient who has not experienced this feeling or panic about a restaurant booth seat, a rollercoaster seat, a folding chair at a simple event. Our patient Angie is no exception.  Here, she shares her story of obesity, the decision to have weight loss […]

Weight loss surgery is about quality of life.

“How many pounds did you lose by five months?” “I’ve only lost eight pounds this month!” “I’m going on all protein shakes so I can be under 200 pounds before my anniversary date!” But after weight loss surgery, it’s really not all about the pounds. It’s about your quality of life. Laura Andromalos, MS, RD, […]

Dr. Brené Brown’s TED Talk: “The power of vulnerability”

“They say that for every 20 negative things we say about ourselves we only match that with one nice thing.  And most of us are probably guilty of that unless you’ve really worked on changing your thought patterns. I strongly recommend the work of Dr. Brené Brown, PhD and her lessons on the power of […]

March support group with Liz Roark, RN.

Spend 25 minutes with Liz Roark, RN and your fellow patients as they discuss meal planning and tracking, non-scale victories, changing years of unhealthy eating habits, living in a smaller body, and getting in enough protein.

Celebrate success after bariatric surgery.

We asked Dr. Yadegar’s mentor team, “How do you celebrate success after bariatric surgery?” “I think we forget that we’re making progress everyday,” Dr. Gat reminds patients at a recent support group.  “Take a little time and get out some pictures of yourself before surgery and pictures of yourself as you’re getting healthier.  List barriers […]

Back on track after weight loss surgery

Dr. Yadegar’s Mentor Team was recently asked: Since having Weight Loss Surgery, what are some of the small things that have gotten you OFF TRACK with eating, drinking plenty of water, exercise and vitamins- and how do you get BACK ON TRACK after weight loss surgery? Male, Gastric Bypass, 50-60, 12-18 months: “I travel for work […]