Exercise after weight loss surgery, more than keeping the weight off.

For many Weight Loss Surgery patients, exercise is no longer a four-letter word.  With age, the development of chronic medical conditions and in the embrace of lifelong health, most people are done joking or complaining about exercise.   It is literally a matter of life and death. Multiple studies now report the long-term benefits of […]

Cooking with Protein Powder

After weight loss surgery, patients challenge themselves to find creative ways to add more protein to their diets. A questions often comes up, “Can I cook with protein powder?” OR “Can I add protein powder to soup, coffee or oatmeal?” Dietitian, Michelle Stewart, tells us what we need to know about heating protein powder. “Wow, […]

“15 Things You Should Give Up to be Happy.”

Dr. Irit Gat says, “Very often, we think we need more in our lives to be happy. Have you ever thought that giving up something could bring you happiness? gives us 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy. The list includes: Giving up self-defeating self-talk, which is something we have talked about frequently […]

Make the right moves after bariatric surgery.

“When you do the right things and make the right moves after bariatric surgery, you will succeed.  Success may not be that 80 percent, maybe a little less, maybe a little more, but you will succeed.  And if you’re not getting there, there are often obvious reasons for it.  Dietitians report that patients often underestimate […]

Family Dynamics After Weight Loss Surgery, Dr. Irit Gat

Dr. Irit Gat spoke with patients at a recent support group and answered their questions about negative self-talk, motivation, and family dynamics after weight loss surgery. “I’m trying to stop beating myself up after a day when I’ve gone off-track.” “It’s so true.  Humans are wired to be negative.  They say that for every 20 […]

Weight loss surgery support group, October, 2015

Liz Roark, RN can cover a lot of information in a one-hour weight loss surgery support group. In this video she discusses: Protein shake options when you’re tired of everything Why grazing may be causing your plateau and what to do instead How Liz handles trigger foods How to use your name as a new […]

Get creative with exercise after weight loss surgery.

One of the things that happens with exercise over time is that we find excuses to postpone it.  We get too busy, it’s just too cold to get up in the morning, and sometimes we just stop.  What else can you do?  Sometimes there are real circumstances and you really can’t stick with your regular […]

Using My Fitness Pal after weight loss surgery?

Dr. Yadegar encourages ALL patients to track their daily caloric intake, if not daily, at least weekly on a rotating schedule. Many patients use apps like MyFitnessPal.  But the question is, “How do I adjust the settings to meet my nutrition goals, particularly protein?” Luckily, MyFitnessPal has made it simple to customize setting to match […]

August Weight Loss Surgery Support Group with Liz Roark, RN!

Our awesome nurse coordinator and 10+ years successful bariatric surgery patient, Liz Roark, RN, led a great weight loss surgery support group meeting in August. There’s helpful information for patients in all stages of weight loss surgery, but this meeting particularly had a lot to offer early post-op patients.  If you’re less than 6 months […]

Nutrient deficiencies after weight loss surgery. Be proactive!

“Make sure you get in for your regular lab work. Deficiencies can happen after weight loss surgery, even in those doing everything right. If we find deficiencies early, they tend to be easy to treat but if we find them late, there can be serious problems. So testing is almost as important as taking your […]