Vitamins, minerals and weight loss surgery

Dr. John Yadegar and team were pleased to welcome Ken from Celebrate Vitamins to discuss vitamins, minerals and weight loss surgery. (Excerpts from the presentation) Vitamins are very important for you as a surgery patient, that you have a good regime of taking vitamin because you don’t want to become deficient…so why don’t you all […]

Celebrate success after bariatric surgery.

We asked Dr. Yadegar’s mentor team, “How do you celebrate success after bariatric surgery?” “I think we forget that we’re making progress everyday,” Dr. Gat reminds patients at a recent support group.  “Take a little time and get out some pictures of yourself before surgery and pictures of yourself as you’re getting healthier.  List barriers […]

Food labels and bariatric surgery.

At the support & education meeting, registered dietitian, Linda Vickers, explained how to work with food labels and bariatric surgery by learning how to read the new food labels. Liz: “Someone asked me earlier, if you take the fiber and subtract that from the carbohydrates, that will be your total carbs right? I said no. […]

February support group with personal trainer, Steve Medina!

Dr. Yadegar and Liz Roark, RN were happy to welcome personal trainer and wellness coach, Steve Medina, to the February support group. Steve has talked with our group before and always brings the best encouragement and wisdom from his years of experience in working one-on-one with people who want to improve their health.

Back on track after weight loss surgery

Dr. Yadegar’s Mentor Team was recently asked: Since having Weight Loss Surgery, what are some of the small things that have gotten you OFF TRACK with eating, drinking plenty of water, exercise and vitamins- and how do you get BACK ON TRACK after weight loss surgery? Male, Gastric Bypass, 50-60, 12-18 months: “I travel for work […]

Weight loss surgery patients share their triumphs!

Dr. Yadegar’s weight loss surgery patients volunteered to begin sharing their challenges and triumphs in hope that their experiences would help to guide and encourage their fellow weight loss surgery patients. The feedback from our wonderful patients has been tremendous, thank you! How do you feel about yourself & your future? 0-3 Months Post-Op:  I’m […]

Hunger and emotional eating after weight loss surgery.

Dr. Gat answers questions about goal setting, realistic expectations, hunger and emotional eating after weight loss surgery. For the first five months I wasn’t even hungry, but that feeling is starting to come back.  I’m nervous about how to manage hunger now. Dr. Gat: “That honeymoon phase after weight loss surgery is great, but eventually […]

Exercise after weight loss surgery.

“The surgery is a tool that will help you. It’s going to give you 30-40%, eating right is another 20-30%, and consistent exercise after weight loss surgery is the next 20-30%.  You’re going to have good days and bad days, but your goal has to be steady.  You have to be steadfast.”

Food and fitness tracking after weight loss surgery.

In this weight loss surgery article, author and dietitian Lauren Robinson, advises tracking food and fitness as a method to work through stalls and losing regained weight and reminds us it’s one of the most overlooked approaches when dealing with these concerns. “The process of tracking and analyzing what you eat and how much you […]

Weight loss surgery commitments

In this article, author and patient Lynn McLean challenges the bariatric surgery patient to get honest with themselves about confronting slip-ups, committing to lifetime change, and claiming time and energy for self-care. Lynn maintains a 100 pound weight loss six years after her bariatric surgery. “We hear it over and over as we approach weight […]