Cross-Addiction After Weight Loss Surgery

Research neuroscientist and psychologist, Dr. Nicole Avena, addresses Cross-Addiction after Weight Loss Surgery: “…Addictive behaviors are sometimes engaged in to handle stress or unpleasant emotional states. In fact, 10-25 percent of adult alcohol drinkers report drinking in response to negative effect. Similarly, low distress tolerance, or difficulty withstanding negative emotions, has been linked to relapse […]

Dr. Yadegar joins Liz for support group!

You know it’s going to be an educational AND fun time when Dr. Yadegar joins Liz at the support group meeting! Topics from last month’s meeting include regain at four years, meal prep, showing up and asking for help when you’re struggling, and celebrating non-scale victories. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!

Ericka’s weight loss surgery story.

“I remember walking out of the doctor’s office when I was 12 years old, laughing and shouting out, “I weigh 200 pounds!” I don’t know why that was my reaction because it wasn’t funny at all. I was teased relentlessly at school. At home, when my uncles made up nicknames to mock my size, I […]

July Support Group with Liz Roark, RN

Take a seat and listen in while Liz Roark, RN and your fellow patients talk about plastic surgery, taking time to develop good habits, silencing the “big” voice, planning ahead for meals and exercise, what role the scale should play in your life, and how Liz really feels about burpees!

June Support Group with Liz Roark, RN

We had an awesome meeting with Liz Roark, RN and your fellow patients – discussing cross-addiction, what can happen when you eyeball your portions, how to take a self-inventory if you’ve regained, what to do if you’re eating in the middle of the night…and more. This was a great meeting!

Relationships after weight loss surgery.

Weight loss affects one’s health in tremendous ways.  Along with the reduction in pounds and body size, many patients also experience a positive change in confidence and attitude.  Put all these changes together and very often there are transformations in relationships after weight loss surgery. The majority of changes are positive, friends are family are […]

Support Group with Liz Roark, RN – May, 2016

Join Liz Roark, RN and fellow weight loss surgery patients for a discussion about grazing, meal planning, low cost vitamins and calcium, red light foods, accountability, vacation planning, and what happens when you go for that last bite.

Buying New Clothes After Weight Loss Surgery

Clothes shopping is a favorite American pastime.  But for the overweight and obese it can be discouraging. “I would cut the tags off my clothes so I wouldn’t be reminded what size I was wearing, and I didn’t want my husband to see it either.” “I just bought drawstring or elastic-band pants and skirts so […]

Recover and refuel after your workout.

Good nutrition and consistent exercise are great partners for patients who want long-term weight loss surgery success.  After surgery, stomach capacity is limited, so choosing pre & post-workout nutrition wisely is essential.  Experts recommend eating 2 hours before a workout, emphasizing a small meal of protein and carbohydrates.  It’s important to recover and refuel after […]

Track what you eat after weight loss surgery.

Studies show that people who keep food journals lose more weight and keep it off for the long-term.  It’s important to track what you eat after weight loss surgery.  The American Journal of Preventive Medicine reports that those who tracked their food intake lost twice as much weight and kept it off compared to those […]