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Your Medical Chart Could Include Exercise Minutes:  Twitter, 1/7/13 “CHICAGO — Roll up a sleeve for the blood pressure cuff. Stick out a wrist for the pulse-taking. Lift your tongue for the thermometer. Report how many minutes you are active or getting exercise. Wait, what? If the last item isn’t part of the usual drill […]

Weight loss surgery support group, January, 2013.

Moderator, Liz Roark, RN, leads the group through issues of accountability and getting back on track in the new year.  While we cannot make the meeting available in its entirety, the goal is to provide patients with education and a sample of the issues and solutions discussed at support group. Patients are encouraged to attend […]

Education & Support Group Meeting – October, 2012 with Moderator, Liz Roark, RN

Moderator Liz Roark, RN leads a discussion with Dr. Yadegar’s patients about preparing for the holidays, handling parties & celebrations, why protein is important and the effects of alcohol after weight loss surgery.

EXERCISE: Create YOUR Personal Workout Plan

Consistent physical activity is imperative for long-term weight control. Creating a flexible exercise plan based on effective behavioral techniques can improve the likelihood that you will make exercise part of your daily life. Recall why you chose to have WLS to get healthy! Regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing type II diabetes, cardiovascular […]

Weight loss surgery mentor team: “A new outlook after weight loss surgery.”

Obesity can harm not only the physical body, but also one’s psychological health.  As a person’s weight decreases, their confidence, self-esteem and happiness often increase.  New careers, new opportunities, and things that never seemed possible, are now within their reach following weight loss surgery. At 0-3 months post-op, patients already begin to feel invigorated and […]